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Opportunities for GREEN

Edition 6- December 2020

  • NEWS

EDITORIAL - Arie-Frans Middelburg

IN THE PICTURE Cyclamen trial Morel

IN THE PICTURE The Flying Gardeners

Delphi planting tulip bulbs

Marco van Zijverden en Jan van Dam, Dutch Flower Group


Gert-Jan Schoneveld, Hilverda de Boer 

We aren't just adding companies to our collection

Rogier Spoel, evofenedex 
Airfreight position Schiphol is worrying

Henrik Bos, ELCA

More green needs a shared lobby


Carbon tax will put German floriculture under pressure

US eliminates import tariffs on Ecuadorean roses

Piet van Kampen is retiring

Our family comes first


Thomas Fransen, Kenya

Angelle van Kleef, Canada

Jean Ferreira, Brazil


 Helleborus BVBA, Belgium

XPol, the Netherlands

Veiling Rhein-Maas, Germany

Arboretum on former Korean motorway

Full LED cultivation is pioneering


Guillotine blade falls for EU and UK

Brexit: business as usual is not an option

EU puts €4 million in urban greening platform

Has a tree the same cooling power as ten air conditioners?

Green lane in Breda

Switch to full LED lighting